Usecases: -
*) Language learning Tool.
*) Transliteration feature for the people who deal with different languages; i.e., Singers, Dubbing Purpose, (TV/Movie) Artists, Authors, Poets, Students, Professionals, Business People, Politicians, Government and Private Job holders, etc.
*) Speech and Hearing feature for 'Deaf and Dumb People'.
*) Typing with Audio feature for 'Visually-impaired People'.
     Braille Script is a rehabilitative Script language for Visually-impaired People.
*) eTypewriter with Audio and Print features.
*) OnScreen Keyboard feature.
*) Highly Secured Authentication (UserID, Password, etc.) with the combination of Global languages.
*) Plugin ready.  Easily plugin for
     ID Card (Aadhaar, Passport, Voter, Ration Card, Social Security Number, etc.) Apps;
     Operating System / Desktop / Browser / Web / Mobile / Tab  Apps;
     Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.);
     Mail Apps (gMail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc.);
     Social  Media Apps (Google Hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
     eCommerce Apps (BigBasket, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.);
     MS Office; Blogs, etc.
*) Making (C, C++, Java, etc.) Programs in Mother-tongue or any know language.
*) Goal:  Accurate results - 100%.
*) Platform compatibility.  One application for many operating systems.
*) Suitable as Mobile and Desktop application; and also as a individual Product.
*) Language compatibility.  One application for many languages.
*) Single application with many features, i.e., Platform/Device/Language compatibility.

Road Map for Planned Features: -
*) Browser to Browser/Application communication (in the form of Browser Plugin).
*) Audio Play Features: Play based on text selection; Save Audio.
*) Make application compatible with World languages....  Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. 
*) Transliteration (Accurate).  (Recorded/Scanned/Live) Input/Output: Text, Image, Document, Audio, Video, etc. 
*) Translation (Accurate).  (Recorded/Scanned/Live) Input/Output: Text, Image, Document, Audio, Video, etc.
*) Language modifications in Transliteration process.  For example: Telugu RAVI to Bengal RABI.
*) Audio Books.  Audio for eBooks.
*) Text to Speech (TTS):
     - Character/Word/Sentence based pronunciation.
     - Language beautification modes: Newsreader, Expressive Reading, Age/Gender based, etc.  

Current Features: -
*) It is possible to overcome language barriers between countries, with NIRAM LanKeys.
*) End-user can select the 'Alphabets keyboard' in their Mother-tongue or any desired language.
*) Text display in multi-languages, and gives Audio.
*) Application is optimized in 'Innovative and Intellectual' way, to create more impact (infinite valuation in Vision; and 100% Quality in implementation) with less amount of code, through a formula "System and Method for Automatic naming convention of Audio files based on User preference.".  This formula is invented with simple 'Mathematical and Computer Science' concepts.  This formula is best compatible with any Technology.  Initially, application is made with simple HTML & DHTML.
*) Audio  for Vowels/Consonants/Gunintas/Vattus.  The 'Composite Letters'; Gunintas are also called as "Consonant+Vowel Ligatures"; and Vaththus are also called as "Consonant Conjuncts".
*) Play Audio for all Alphabets (including Glyphs) and infinite combination of Glyphs (in case of Vaththus).  RePlay Audio for entire Text.
*) Application is accessible in Mobile also.

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